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Once You Locate a Song in a Songbook or as Sheet Music...

To find the songbook in WISCAT, simply click the title of the book and a new browser window (or tab) will open. WISCAT will locate the corresponding songbook record that includes valuable information regarding the book and which Wisconsin libraries contain it in their collection.

If your library does not own the book, it may be requested through interlibrary loan (ILL). Patrons should print the WISCAT record and take it to their library to aid in creating an ILL request.

NOTE: If the corresponding songbook to the song you found indicates it is Sheet Music, it will not be found on WISCAT. Library staff may send a request using a blank ILL form to Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning. To expedite the request process, make sure to type SHEET MUSIC in the Title field, followed by the title of the piece.