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Help...Locating by Composer

Input Format = First Name (space) Last Name
Example: Harold Arlen

For best results, use the default Collaborative setting to locate a composer.

Help...Locating by Song Title

You will achieve best results by inputting a portion of the name of the song. Using the default Contains search criteria will yield the best results.

Help...Locating by Year and Year Ranges

Input Format = 4 Digits
Example: 1914

Using the year or year range can be useful when looking for songs written during a particular era. It can also be very useful when narrowing a search for songs written by a popular artist.

Specifying both a year as well as a year range can provide ambiguous results which is why the system will not respond to queries in which both areas contain data.

Helpful Tips

If you want to change the sort order for a query using Year Range, input the upper range year first and the bottom second in order to sort in a descending manner (eg, 1970 & 1967 will produce songs published in 1970 first).


Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning (RL&LL) has a large collection of songbooks and sheet music that can be requested via the statewide WISCAT resource sharing system. The BadgerLink Songbook Database has been developed to help you easily locate songs.

General Searching Tips

Locate a song title using one or a combination of the search fields provided. Most times a search using only the song title will provide the results you are looking for. Based on your interests, you may want to input criteria in the date range (eg, 1971 - 1973) to locate songs from a particular point in time.

Once You Locate a Song / Songbook...

Click the title of the songbook on the results page. The book is linked to its corresponding record in WISCAT that includes useful information on which libraries own the resource. You may also want to search your local library's catalog. Click here for more details.

Help...Locating By Lyricist

Input Format = First Name (space) Last Name
Example: Sammy Cahn

The Lyricist field is helpful for locating songs which were written by a team (the composer, who wrote the music, and the lyricist who wrote the words).

Input the name of the song's lyricist (if known) to help narrow your search. Using the As Collaborator option will help in case the lyricist is a member of a writing team or if you're unsure of the lyricist's full name (in which you can input as much of the name you are confident in spelling).

Special Note - Using this field will not return a response for songs in which both the music and the words were written by the same person(s). Use the Composer field when attempting to locate such results.